Some words about me

Photography is an incredible medium for storytelling and preserving memories, and it is the way I communicate and share my perspective with the world.

I’ve been photographing since I was a kid, starting with borrowing the family camera to document everything from pets to people!

Photography has been my full time job since 2000, and I usually photograph between 30 and 40 weddings each year, plus an assortment of freelance photography work.

My photography style at weddings is very candid and casual. I prefer to observe carefully, and shoot what’s really happening…quietly…than spend the day posing and creating moments, although I can (and will) step in to direct as needed.  The best compliment a client can give me at the end of the day is “I didn’t even notice you were there!”

A wedding is a rush of activities and emotions, and at the end of the day I am always excited to see what I have captured.

Weddings are the kind of event that truly have a life of their own.  For all the planning that goes into them, you can never really know what’s going to happen until the day begins to unfold.  The dynamics of all the people involved- two families coming together to celebrate a union, the bridal party made up of family and friends, the children running around…no two weddings are alike.

I have several other projects that I work on, including doing volunteer photography in India.  Every year, usually between the end of November and the beginning of April, I travel to India.  My work there actually encompasses more than just photography.  Once upon a time, I worked full time as a veterinary technician…helping with surgery, exams, treatments, x-rays, and lab work.  When I go to India, my primary job is helping at an animal rescue in Udaipur.  I love splitting my year between the two things I love most – photography and helping animals.

Hopefully from what you see of my photography, you like the way I capture weddings, and would like to talk to me more about what you envision for your wedding memories.  If you’re inquiring about my work when I’m India, I can either email, call you directly (10 1/2 hour time difference), or put you in touch with my office assistant.

On a sillier personal note, I keep pets at my house.  Most couples come to meet me there, and as a result you may be serenaded softly by the “girls”, as I call my flock of chickens.   I also have dogs and a cat.  If you have allergies, just let me know!  We will meet somewhere besides my house!

What clients say

  • The first word that come to my mind when I think about Erika and her assistant second photographer on my wedding day are: “WOW”!

    I was extremely impressed with Erika’s ability to adapt to the last minute change that day. Everything from locations for group photos, to ceremony venue, it all changed right as she arrived to my hotel room for the beginning detail photos. Erika had the ability to make me feel calm and relaxed even though right before she showed up I was a frantic mess!

    She has an eye for angles and details that other photographers would have missed. Erika and her second photographer were so careful of their positioning the whole day that it felt like I never saw them in the way and made sure to not interupt my guests but still get all the amazing shots. I was not the only one impressed with the photographers, but many of my guests also commented to me about how fantastic the photographers were. They stated that they never felt like a camera was in their face, but they always saw them snapping shots of someone or something and capturing every memorable moment.

    When I saw the final photos I was blown away!  I am so glad I found Erika Sidor as she impressed me away with her professionalism, attentiveness, attention to detail, and alertness to get that perfect shot with only seconds to spare!

    Thank you again Erika for being there to capture our special day!

    – Kristen & Zach

    Kristen + Zach Condon
  • Oh! Erika! These are MAGNIFICENT! Never have we seen such beautiful “event” (of any kind!) photos! Exquisitely composed, unusual but always natural poses, and so sweetly sensitive to moments of deep emotion. You are a great artist, and we are thankful beyond saying, for your work. WOW! With love and admiration.

    Jane M.
  • Thank you so much! The pictures look great! Thanks for coming and taking photos. I really appreciate it and it was great to have your wonderful perspective in addition to the other photographer.

  • Hi Erika, The discs arrived yesterday. Your images look great. I’m really happy Beth told me about you. Thanks for all your hard work and for sharing your talent. Take care and thanks so much!

  • Thank you. I’ve seen a lot of other wedding photos in the past year, and none of them were as comprehensive as yours. Most of them hardly showed the guests, and to us, that was the most important part. It’s great looking at these pages and seeing everyone having a fun time. Thank you.

  • Hi Erika! Ken and I love the pics!! They came out great! You did a wonderful job! :) Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you. Thanks again- we love them!

    Amy and Ken
  • Hi Erika, I was just going thru the book you made me of the Holga’s, they really are the coolest pics I’ve ever seen, I only wish I had more of them! I love the photos from you and Tammy, I feel so lucky to have them from both of you! Alright, I’ll stop gushing now. I think you are really, really talented. Good luck, Heather M.

    Heather M
  • I’m a friend of the Rita and Theo and you did such a wonderful job taking their pictures of their wedding. You have caught just about all the emotions that the bridal party,bride, groom and their family and friends! It was truly a wonderful and beautiful wedding! You really captured the essence of happiness and love in every picture! Well done!!

  • Erika, I love them!!!!!! Huge thanks to everyone…Tammy, Kyle, Annie and you of course…..can’t wait to show Tom and the girls.

  • Erika, Kyle and Annie: Dave and I can not thank you enough for your time, thoughtfulness, sense of humor, and ability to see things the rest of us simply cannot. The pictures are wonderful and we are looking forward to sharing them with family and friends! Cheers, Amy P.

    Amy P.
  • Erika! We love our pictures! You captured the day perfectly! It is so great to see the things we missed and to see them from different perspectives. I felt like you were just another friend enjoying the wedding with us. Thank you for helping to preserve our special day! Love, The M’s

    The M’s
  • Hey Erika! WE LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got goosebumps when I looked at the images – I could go on – you truly captured the day in the way that we wanted! The pictures are beautiful! BEAUTIFUL! I am sure the guys getting ready will be great too – we are excited to see them :) THANK YOU SO MUCH! I absolutely love the pictures Erika – Funny, we watched Ryan’s video and saw you in action, but I never realized how all over the place you were :) Wonderful!

    Michelle & Jeremy