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Second Photographer

Bringing a Second Photographer with me is always my preference for any wedding. Having the added perspective is an invaluable addition to the day. I will start the day with the bride, while my assistant goes to be with the groom. When we meet up again at the ceremony site, we work together to cover the rest of the day from different angles. While I’m photographing family groups (usually during the cocktail hour), my assistant will be photographing the reception room details before your guests are in the room.  My assistants are all experienced wedding photographers, with their own equipment.


Venue locations…I regularly work at the following venues: The Harrington Farm (Princeton), Butternut Farm Country Club (Stowe), The Chocksett Inn (Sterling), Publick House (Sturbridge), Leicester Country Club (Leicester), Zukas Farm (Spencer), Spencer Country Inn (Spencer), Mechanics Hall (Worcester), Old Sturbridge Village (Sturbridge), Beechwood Hotel (Worcester), Colonial Hotel (Gardner), Tuckerman Hall (Worcester), Tower Hill Botanical Garden (Boylston), The International (Bolton), Blissful Meadows (Uxbridge), Wachusett Mountain (Princeton) and many others.

Erika Sidor: 1-508-654-8819

Downloading and Editing

Downloading and Editing is what I do when I return from your wedding and transfer all of the images into my computer. I then use Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop to open each image and make necessary adjustments. Most commonly, I will adjust color and contrast, edit out skin blemishes or distracting elements, and crop slightly if that will help to strengthen the image. Images get saved as TIFF and/or large JPG files. They are also converted into small JPG files for web use.  Large files are NOT watermarked.

USB Drives

USB drives are made for all of your edited images. This drive has all of your edited images. It is highly suggested to copy this USB drive onto your personal computer, onto another external hard drive…anywhere! These teeensy weensie little USB drive cab easily get lost, and you have GOT to have these images backed up somewhere.  (I keep a backup, too, but if my drives were to fail, I might not have access to your files.)

Proof Books

Proof Books are printed for you if you’d like to have one, with 12 photos to a page. Each page is 10” by 13”. Underneath each image thumbnail is the corresponding file number for that image. A proof book makes a great reference for your entire wedding day- everything is in chronological order, and makes it easy to quickly go thru all of the edits to find the photos you want to work with.  Proof books are an additional $150.


The Temporary Web Gallery

The temporary web gallery is going to be at and will have a private password.  This gallery makes it easy to share photos with your family and friends, and if they want to order prints from it, they may do so. (You will have the USB Drive with all of your images, but sometimes it’s easier to let family and friends place their own orders).


Printing your photos is a great way to share the memory of your wedding day with generation to come. I highly recommend going to LB Wheaton (on Park Ave in Worcester) for all of your printing needs. DO NOT go to CVS, Walgreens, Walmart…you get the idea? Quality is key when it comes to these timeless photo memories. The better the quality, the longer they will last.



Albums can be made on your own using online publishers. I recommend Zno (formerly Artisan State). It’s easy to use and the final product is absolutely gorgeous. Other online publishers tend to give you more of a “coffee table book” and results can vary. I have some samples that I can show you, so you can see the differences.

Photo Credit

Photo Credit is appreciated and asked for if you share your photos online.  If you loooove your photos, please leave feedback online…The Knot, Wedding Wire, etc.